Photo Booth Rental

You Can Hire a Photo Booth for any Occasion


Back in August, we had completed four years of providing photo booth rental services in central Pennsylvania.  It is amazing how time has flown since our modest start.  It seems like yesterday that we started this business.

Today, we offer two enclosed photo booths options, two “open booths” or “open air” photo booth setups along with an I-pad based photo booth service.  

For the better part of the four years, people would always ask us, “What kind of events do you offer your services?”  In jest, we would say, “everything except funerals.”  As of last April, my tongue and cheek remark was no longer true. 

We were asked to provide a photo booth for post-internment reception of a local Lancaster County native.   She had a large family that was now scattered around the country and many other local friends and relatives coming into town.  The family wanted to remember “mom” for the vivacious way she lived her life and make the day a celebration of her life and friends.  We can honestly say, it was one of the most touching events we have done and one we will never forget.  It was an honor to be part of this celebration of life.

I had the question again from a guest at a photo booth event in Lancaster this past weekend.  We were providing a photo booth rental for a company holiday party and the question made me reflect on the old tongue and cheek quip I would make in the past.  No more. 

Having provided photo booth rentals for close to 500 events now, I am trying to come up with the event or occasion we have not already provided services. Today, I am not sure there is an event where a photo booth would not add value, fun and memories for guests or participants in an event.

Today, our list of completed events includes:  Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties, trade shows, birthdays of all types, Christenings, Graduations, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bah Mitzvah’s, Sweet 16’s, Quinceañeras, Reunions of all types (college, high school, family),  store openings, corporate events, Saint Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, school proms, formal dances for high schools and colleges, charity galas, fundraisers and, yes, a funeral.  

I am probably forgetting some other unique photo booth requests at this point.  There have been tons of themes we have accommodated that range from traditional to gothic themed weddings. If you have an idea on something you don’t see, write us and let us know.  There’s a good chance we have provided a photo booth, I’m just forgetting right now.

If you are planning an event of any type, consider hiring a photo booth to add fun, memories and entertainment.  Adding a modern photo booth will take your event to the next level.  You might be surprised to find out after the event, one of the most common memories guests will share is the fun they had in the photo booth and how they love looking back at the photos and reminiscing on the experience.