Should I get event insurance?



When planning special events like weddings, corporate events, or conferences, we understand how much effort it
requires to make every detail count. You’re prepared for whatever it takes to conclude the event successfully. It also
demands you to be proactive and ready to face challenges, including the situations that can go wrong. Staffing issues?
You have them covered. Technical problems? You prepare a backup plan. Mismanagement? You meticulously
designate responsibilities.

But as the final day approaches, there’s always a risk that things can get out of control. Someone might get hurt, the
property damages or the event gets terminated last moment. It may dampen any occasion and leave the organizers
concerned about their liability for payment. Most venues today necessitate producing Liability Insurance as part of their
rental contracts for apparent reasons.

As a host, you’re liable for most things associated with the wedding. Thus, an event insurance policy may be beneficial
for you. 2020 was the year of event cancellations. As the COVID-19 pandemic blew out globally, it also took away our
ability to get together and celebrate events the usual way. Such unanticipated cancellations disappointed many event
organizers and event-goers worldwide.

If you too had to postpone or call off a significant event in 2020, or are anticipating one in the coming months, make
sure you’re prepared to roar back. Event insurance will help safeguard your investments. It’ll be useful in scenarios
where you may have a larger deposit on the line and cannot hold the event due to unforeseeable circumstances. If you
aren’t already aware, let us take you through the specifics of how event insurance can make all the difference.


An event insurance policy protects your (insured) investments on specific occasions if these need to be canceled or
delayed due to the reasons listed in the contract. The policy helps cover legal costs as well as any settlements,
damages, and medical bills.

While events in the policy are mostly associated with weddings, you can also buy coverage for other private or public
events that are a significant financial undertaking, such as the following:
⋅ Baby showers
⋅ Birthday parties
⋅ Carnivals
⋅ Conferences
⋅ Fundraisers
⋅ Graduation parties
⋅ Reunions
⋅ Religious celebrations
⋅ Quinceañeras
⋅ Exhibitions

Insurance companies avoid covering events like sporting events, hot air balloon events, boating or aircraft events,
rallies, protests, and more. So stay vigilant of the exclusions before buying policies that may not cover your specific
event risk. You may also find various omissions related to COVID-19. So check your policy carefully to see what is
covered and what is not.

Essentially, the primary types of insurance coverage you might want to consider are Event Liability Coverage and Event
Cancellation Coverage. But which of these will you need?


At an event, anything can go wrong, but what explicitly does event liability insurance cover? Event liability insurance
protects you in the case where someone suffers during your event due to injuries or property damages. If there are slip
and fall accidents or loss to property, the venue authorities won’t be held liable. This is why most venue authorities also
mandate having this coverage when signing rental contracts. Colleges and universities as well require Liability
Insurance from third-party contractors.


If you’ve invested significantly in planning your event’s specifics, financial losses may be prominent in case of
cancellation. So, event cancellation coverage recoups costs when the event is canceled, postponed, or under other
wide range of worst-case scenarios such as a natural disaster or pandemic shutdown. Cancellation or postponement
insurance is suitable for weddings, trade shows, conferences, and consumer shows. It covers non-refundable
expenses, lost revenues, or costs of rescheduling.


Event insurance can reimburse you in quite a lot of situations. Besides bodily injuries and property damage, the policy
may also include travel delays, lost deposits, or liquor liabilities. The inclusions also extend to cancellations due to
someone’s injury, death, or illness. Furthermore, catastrophic weather events, military deployment, damaged or stolen
gifts, and products and services that didn’t arrive in time are a few more additions.


Event insurance has become a popular purchase in the last few years due to numerous reasons, especially the
pandemic. So if you’re hosting an event that involves significant financial obligations, event insurance is worth
considering as it gives you peace of mind. Most event organizers secure this coverage to protect themselves from
unknown and unforeseen circumstances. Here are some more reasons:


Events like weddings and corporate programs often demand several non-refundable deposits that make the occasions
super expensive in case of losses.


Event insurance might be a luxury a few years back, but it’s a necessity for the organizer, clients, venues, and vendors
today. The industry is making it a norm.


Cancellation and postponement rank amongst the leading causes the protected party may file a claim for. It usually
covers every non-refundable deposit connected to the wedding against a fractional upfront cost.


Liability coverage is essential to save yourself from injuries, property damage, or other hazards at small or elaborative


The policy can cover several such mishaps that save you thousands of dollars of losses and assure peace of mind
since no one anticipates disruptions to their plans, but an insurance policy may have your back.


Event insurance is special liability insurance covering hazards associated with organizing events as a vendor. FX Photo
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