Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding



Looking for a rustic wedding venue in central Pennsylvania? 

Rustic wedding venues have become very popular across the country.  So much so, venues have been built to replicate a rustic or country style feel. 

Located between Lancaster and Reading along 222 North, you will find a “new” venue in Weddings by Sandstone located in Mohnton, PA – Berks, County.  If you wondered why we said, “new”, please read on.

The property is located minutes from main highway interchanges (i.e. Lancaster / Reading PA Turnpike exit) long Route 222 but tucked away in countryside location.  Weddings by Sandstone is easily accessible from Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Reading.

We had the pleasure to meet Rachel Elliot from Weddings at Sandstone at Tiffany’s Bridal Boutique to celebrate Tiffany’s Bridal One-Year Anniversary event in February.  Weddings by Sandstone, FX Photo Booths, The Courtyard Café, and Sandy’s Cakes and Cuisine were among several vendors on hand to support Tiffany’s Bridal Boutiques anniversary event.   Rachel is the Event and Venue Manager for Weddings by Sandstone.

Weddings by Sandstone is a family-owned and operated property.  The barn, formerly used for dairy, is over 100 years old and dates back to the 1890’s.  The property features the barn, farm house, and a pond, creek, and pasture land.  The property has been beautifully restored and updated.  While a lot of work has been done, Rachel and her family continue to make improvements and enhancements to the property.  The property is authentic as one can get for a country style or rustic Wedding!


Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding

What can a bride and groom expect in working with Weddings at Sandstone?

When a bride and groom book their dream wedding at Weddings by Sandstone, they can expect to have a wide variety of options to best fit their country or rustic style. They have multiple locations on the property to hold your ceremony or reception, inside or outside, on our concrete and brick pavers pad or in the meadow, or next to the pond.  So many Options! 

Weddings by Sandstone wants Brides and Grooms to feel like their Wedding weekend is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Yes, they said weekend.  At Weddings by Sandstone, they rent their venue for the entire weekend. When you book with them, you get the property from Friday through Sunday. This allows brides to set up, have a rehearsal dinner Friday evening on the property, come back Saturday to get ready on location, if desired, and have time to gather things on Sunday. Weddings by Sandstone doesn’t want brides to feel rushed in and out all in one day. 

When Rachel meets with brides, she strives to get a feel for what they are expecting. Tent, or no tent? Meadow ceremony or are you getting married at a church and Sandstone is just the reception location? Rachel likes to know how many people they are expecting, their budget and the colors they want so we can help to enhance their day in the best way. 


Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding

What’s included in booking at Weddings by Sandstone?

When brides are looking for a Wedding venue, Rachel believes it is important to explain what is included from the venue perspective and for brides to ask what is included from a bride’s perspective. 

Most Wedding reception venues are just a day rental.  Typically, from 10AM until 11PM, as an example.  Fewer are weekend rentals.  Some Wedding venues charge a premium for Saturday Weddings and discount for Friday’s and Sundays.

Weddings by Sandstone has one flat rate for the venue for the weekend.  Features included are: Tables, Chairs and Lighting.   Weddings by Sandstone feels that this is a bonus for couples because they do not have to worry about renting these items elsewhere and can save time and money in the process.

Rachel is recently married so she can offer brides to be a fresh perspective.  She encourages her Brides and Grooms to let other people do as much of the wedding day work for them as possible!  In other words, delegate!  Whether you hire a Wedding coordinator or organize your bridal party to take certain responsibilities.  Delegating responsibilities of Wedding planning and preparation will help your day go smoothly.

When Rachel got married, she was determined to do everything herself and she felt that accepting help was rude.

In retrospect, Rachel wishes she had accepted more help from friends and family in planning, making favors, decor etc. She believed her Wedding day was beautiful and memorable – great weather, good food, all their friends and family – but it was HARD work and stressful. Don’t feel ashamed in asking your Bridesmaids to help you with your Wedding favors (consider renting a photo booth). They can make time for you – this is your wedding! Seriously, you’ll be thankful! 

Rachel is looking forward to growing their business.  At Weddings by Sandstone, they are accepting venue bookings up to a year out and will soon plan to accept bookings greater than twelve months out. Weddings are such a beautiful part of life and we want to help each Bride and Groom that comes along be able to embrace natural and authentic beauty of the property.

Wedding by Sandstone, offers their clients exclusive catering. Fresh food prepared on-site to fit your needs.  They have a rustic menu created with many options. Catering though Weddings by Sandstone is unique because it includes your main meal with sides AND desert. Your rehearsal dinner for the night before your wedding is also included – no extra cost. Their exclusive catering is the only catering for the property. 

With the exception of catering, clients are open to bring their own vendors to the venue.  However, as a means of assisting their clients, Wedding by Sandstone will provide their clients with a list of suggested vendors.  This is valuable to both the client and the venue to have highly rated and consistent vendors providing services to the property.  Again, as a client, you are free to bring your own vendors.

Weddings by Sandstone is very flexible and want to make time for every couple.  Rachel and her family are around the “farm” seven days a week.  Appointments are preferred to take a tour the property and amenities.  

It was such a pleasure for us to meet Rachel at Wedding by Sandstone and having the opportunity to learn more about their facility and features.  We have no doubt the venue will be a popular Wedding location for local brides and grooms and those to come to central Pennsylvania from out of state.


Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding

For more information regarding Weddings at Sandstone, feel free to contact Rachel at: 

Rachel Elliot@ 717-575-3744