Photo Booth Rental


Renting a Photo booth for your wedding has become popular because they provide additional fun and entertainment for the guests.  It also serves a functional purpose by creating images of the memories being made. Having a photo booth at the wedding is an affordable option that is a win-win situation for both the couple getting married and those sharing the special day with them!

Wedding favors are a time honored tradition going back centuries.  It was a way to provide Wedding guests with something to show appreciation and remember a bride and groom’s special day.  Wedding favors have evolved considerably over time, from simple trinkets to elaborately decorated crafts and mementos celebrating the theme of the Wedding along with the lifestyles of the bride and groom.

Today, depending on the size of your Wedding reception, brides and grooms can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Wedding favors for their guests.  With our own relatives, we’ve seen this first-hand.  Not only is there the actual cost of the favors and related materials to make a memorable favor, there is the time and effort spent, often, to decorate and produce the favor(s).

For all of the cost in time and money, sadly, traditional wedding favors may have a short “shelf life.”  For the edible version, eaten, melted or forgotten about and discarded.  For other versions, perhaps, sat on a shelf, forgotten and later discarded. 

One thing people love, of course, are photographs and pictures.  Renting a Photo booth is a simple way to entertain your guests during the reception while creating and preserving great memories of your Wedding day.  One the best aspects of a photo booth is producing a high quality photo strip, customized with your names, dates, hashtag, etc., commemorating your Wedding Day.  Your guests will walk away with a high quality photo strip or postcard for display in their home, office, or workplace. 

Better yet, please consider today’s technology.  Not only will your guests have a tangible Wedding favor which is fun and memorable in the form of a photo strip, they can also receive the images digitally, via text or Email, and later share the images on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). 

Pretty cool, right?  The combination of printed photos and social media adds to the retention and long term viability of keeping memories of your Wedding day alive.  Adding to the shelf life of your Wedding favor, considerably.  Creating nostalgia and great memories of your special day, at no extra cost, for many years to come.

Add a couple of simple features to your Wedding Photo Booth…. frames and place cards encouraging your guests to “take a memory, leave a memory,” you now have a Wedding favor that is both appreciated, long lasting and memorable.  All, without much fuss on the part of the bride and groom, Wedding party and family while maintaining the original intent of Wedding favors.

If you are interested in Renting a Photo Booth for your wedding, let us know!