Photo Booth Wedding

Photo Booth Wedding

Photo Booth Wedding options

Nothing makes a wedding better than the photography. It has become a trend that we all are familiar with which is the photo booth that we use. A fun backdrop, some funny props just add a magic to the atmosphere of the wedding. You will see a definite crowd near the photo booth at the wedding because yes, in today’s wedding it matters more than anything. It’s just like having a birthday without a cake. So, here are some photo booth wedding options that will surely make your day more fun and exciting.

  1. Theme photo booth wedding:

You can think of a theme and make a photo booth according to that. If the bride is shopaholic you can make something according to that or if it’s a love marriage you can make a love theme for the couple so it can be memorable for them.

  1. Hand drew photo booth wedding:

It’s not necessary that you have to spend a lot of money on these photo booths with so much décor and stuff. You can simply make your own photo booth at home by looking at some DIY projects that are totally easy and cheap.

  1. GIF photo booths:

That’s the trendiest thing now in a wedding. It’s like a slow-motion video that you get and it looks really amazing. It’s a totally new thing and really makes you freak out because you would want it for your wedding.

  1. Hanging props from trees:

That’s the coolest thing I like, hanging props which include frames, balloons and many other exciting things which makes your picture look complete and beautiful.

  1. Curtain photo booth wedding:

You can make a curtain photo booth which looks extremely elegant and decent. You can use silk and net curtains to add a nice backdrop.

So, these are some of the photo booth ideas that can give your wedding a great kickstart.

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