FX Photo Booths Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider using a photo booth rental for our event?

There are a number of reasons we can suggest.  Here are just a couple:

Photo booth rentals are more affordable than you think!
Photo booth rentals add to the guest enjoyment and interaction.  Consider how not everyone likes to dance.  Give your guests a couple of props and you might be surprised how many will take to the booth with friends, family and colleagues and just have fun.
Everyone will have a fun, memorable set or sets of photo to take home and share.   They become the best party favor!  Photos can be E-mailed and shared on social media, as well.

What do you mean by unlimited photos?

Photo booth sessions are generally 3 or 4 photos depending on client need / request.  If 6 people enter the booth and take 3 or 4 photos, everyone that exits the booth will get a photo strip of the photos taken.  This occurs throughout the contracted time.

Do you print on-site?

Yes. Photo strips are printed immediately on-site.  Your guests will walk away with a great party favor.

How quickly do the photo strips print?

We use a high quality commercial printer with premium photo paper. When compared to the classic photo booths, FX Photo Booths strips are lightening fast.   When guests exit the booth, they have their photo strips in about 10 seconds! The strips are dry and ready to pick up.  No sticky strips that can be damaged, no blowing and no waving around to dry.  They are ready to pick up in seconds.

Guests of our clients commonly remark on several things:

How quickly printing occurs
The quality of photos and prints
How much fun it was to be in the booth

Needless to say, guests keep coming back for more photos.

How much room/ space does your photo booth need?

Our enclosed FX Photo Booth requires a space of about 6’ x 8’ to operate comfortably.  The enclosed booth generally requires a ceiling eight of 8 feet.  The most important need we have is access to a reliable three-socket power source.

Ideally, the space provided would be larger to incorporate a hat rack and prop table.   Please check with us regarding setup requirements / suggestions.

Can FX Photo Booths operate outside?

Yes.  However, keep in mind the need to keep our booth and electronic equipment safe from the elements.  Ideally, the booth will be located in an area, which provides cover from the elements (i.e. pavilion, tent, garage, barn) while also allowing for access to a reliable electric source.

What kind of photo booth setup can you offer?

We can operate as an enclosed booth or open booth setup.  Our primary setup is an enclosed booth that can hold up to 10 adults.  However, the setup type will depend on your needs and goals for the specific event.   We always recommend discussing your events needs and options.

What kind of photo strips does your system produce?

Standard photo strips are 2”x 6” with either 3 or 4 photos per strip.  This is entirely based on a client’s need or desire for the event.  The photo strips are designed with your event in mind, including custom graphics and logos.

In addition, we can create 4 x 6 postcards with 3 or 4 photos each with custom logos and graphics.


Does FX Photo Booths provide an attendant for the booth?

Yes.  We don’t just drop off the booth and leave.  Every event will have at least one professional attendant (our family) to personally assist your guests in the photo booth experience.

Can FX Photo Booths provide props?

Yes. Photo booth props are included in all of our packages.   For certain occasions, our clients do not wish to have props..

What kind of props does FX Photo Booths provide for an event?

Hats, funny glasses, boas, leis, stick props (mustaches, lips, glasses, funny signs, etc.) to name a few.  If room is available, we bring a 20-hat display rack, with all kinds of hats.

Based on your theme, we will bring a variety of props to match your event and add to your guest enjoyment.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes.  We proudly support the members of the US Military, active and retired with proper ID.  Military service is part of our family.  We will offer a discount to active / retired military personnel based on our standard pricing
published on our website.   Please inquire about our standard military discount.

What kind of events can the photo booth be used?

Photo booths can be used for so many occasions:  weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, Sweet 16’s, Mitzvahs, baby showers, bridal showers, reunions, holiday parties, corporate outings, fundraisers and more.  If you are planning any type of event with a group of people, a photo booth will not only add to the guest enjoyment and engagement, but it will create lasting shared memories.

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

Photo booths are our specialty and passion.  Unlike multi-service event providers, photo booths are our focus.

We are committed to quality service and superior results.  Our system is state of the art, producing the highest quality results.

We are also flexible.  We will work with you to tailor our photo booth service to your wants, needs and desires.  We offer both closed and open systems with a variety of backdrops and other options.

What is your greatest strength?

Customer Service and client engagement are some of our strengths.  My wife and I are “veterans” from corporate environments where we managed clients, accounts and staffs over the past twenty years.  Needless to say, we are
well versed in the area of client satisfaction and this is what we strive to provide.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept payments via PayPal, which includes most major credit cards.

How long does it take you to setup?

We typically need about 45 minutes to an hour to setup (and an equal amount to pack up).   So, please note that we’ll need access to your venue/area at least that far in advance.

Where is FX Photo Booths located?

FX Photo Booths is based in Elizabethown, PA.  We serve Lancaster, York, Cumberland, Berks, Dauphin, Perry, and Adams counties in central Pennsylvania.  However, we are available to travel (check with us – with a possible additional fee), in an 80 -100-mile radius of our location.  This includes, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, State College, PA, Allentown, and more.

Give us a call to discuss your next event!

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