Paparazzi Photo Booth & Video Experience

Lights, camera, paparazzi!

Step onto the red carpet and into the spotlight with our latest innovation: the Paparazzi Booth photo & video experience!  Great all occasions, including weddings, celebrating a special occasion, hosting a corporate event, or creating an experiential activation, the Paparazzi Booth is your ultimate ticket to Hollywood-style glamour and unforgettable video content creation.

What sets the paparazzi booth apart? It’s not just an event photo and video experience – it’s a movielike experience like no other! Strike a pose, show off your style, and let our professional event booth directors help capture your best moments and individual style in stunning detail. From corporate events to awards and galas our paparazzi booth promises to bring the red carpet to you, your guests, and elevating your event experience!

Every video is instantly shareable.  Easily share the excitement with friends and followers on social media!

Ready to raise your event experience and take it to a new level?

Let’s roll out the red carpet and book your Paparazzi booth experience today?

Corporate Head Shot Services

Remember, your image is your brand.  Seize the chance to connect personally with your brand by engaging with a vast audience of potential customers or help elevate your team to new heights.

Discover the effectiveness of our expertly crafted headshot service, a standout trade show giveaway, setup in your office for team members, or at a nearby expo or event.  Our professionally trained photographers will ensure impactful results.

The Magazine Photo Booth Experience

Feeling famous?  Looking for your “fifteen minutes” in the spotlight.

Immerse yourself in the glamour of our magazine-style photo booth experience, where every snapshot is a work of art. Our cutting-edge technology captures your moments with unparalleled clarity, producing magazine-worthy prints instantly. From sleek and chic to playful and vibrant, our photo booth transforms any event into a stylish affair, leaving you with memories that are both timeless and trendy.  Elevate your event with the epitome of photo booth sophistication!

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The Vogue Booth Experience

Vogue Photo Booth experience, where elegance meets innovation and fun.  This unique setup will channel your inner fashion icon.  Our state-of-the-art technology captures your essence with unmatched precision with a downloadable and shareable photo and/or video experience, perfect for social sharing.  Immerse yourself and your guests in the glamour of customized photo overlays and striking filters, ensuring each session is a masterpiece.  The Vogue Booth will elevate your event with the epitome of style and sophistication.

 The Glam Booth Experience

You don’t have to be in Hollywood for celebrity style photos!

Inspired by the ‘Kardashian’ look, our Glam Booth features black & white photos, a clean white or black background, and a secret beauty filter to smooth complexion for a flawless look/finish.

The Glam Booth captures stunning, fashion-inspired shots. The technology enhances facial features, creating a polished and sophisticated look. The result is a series of high-quality, magazine-worthy prints that elevate any event, leaving participants feeling pampered and glamorous. The Glam Booth Experience is perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance and sophistication for their event.

360 Photo Booth Experience

The 360 Photo Booth Experience captures dynamic, panoramic shots, providing a unique and immersive perspective. The rotating camera system ensures a complete view of the surroundings, allowing for creative and engaging content. Users can showcase their personalities through fluid movements, resulting in captivating, shareable videos. With the integration of customizable backdrops, branding, and interactive features, the 360-Photo Booth Experience becomes a focal point, creating a memorable and cutting-edge experience for event attendees.

Photo Booth Mosaic Experience

A photo booth mosaic experience is a captivating and interactive way to engage event attendees while creating a stunning visual masterpiece. Participants take individual photos using a photo booth, and these images are then automatically compiled to form a larger mosaic. As more pictures are added, the mosaic evolves, revealing a cohesive and intricate image. This collaborative and dynamic process not only entertains guests but also produces a unique and memorable piece of art that reflects the collective spirit of the event. It’s a creative and engaging way to capture the essence of any occasion.

Watch this video to see how the photo mosaic is done and comes together to create a portrait.

GIF Booth Experience

A GIF photo booth is a modern twist on the traditional photo booth experience. Instead of producing static printed photos, a GIF booth captures a series of photos in quick succession and then stitches them together to create a looping animation, known as a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).  The GIF can then be instantly downloaded or shared via social media to create a viral sensation.

Boomerang Booth Experience

Like a GIF booth, the Boomerang experience has a smoother feel.  It is a dynamic and interactive way to capture moments of fun and excitement at events. Instead of traditional still photos, boomerang booths capture short looping videos that play forwards and backwards, creating a mesmerizing effect. Guests can unleash their creativity, strike poses, and showcase their personalities as the booth records their playful movements. With instant playback and social media sharing capabilities, boomerang photo booths provide a lively and engaging addition to any event, leaving guests with unforgettable memories to cherish.

Roaming Photo Booth

A roaming photo booth experience brings fun directly to guests, no “booth” required. Equipped with a camera and props, a roaming photographer captures candid moments and poses throughout the event. Whether mingling at a wedding or networking at a corporate gathering, participants enjoy spontaneous photo opportunities. Images are shared digitally, preserving memories on the spot. With the freedom to roam, this interactive experience adds excitement and spontaneity, ensuring every moment is captured, shared, and cherished by all, making it a dynamic addition to any event.

Virtual Photo Booth Experience

Our virtual photo booth is a digital platform allowing users and participants to take and customize photos remotely, typically using their own devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. Our virtual photo booths replicate the experience of a traditional photo booth found at events or parties but in an online or virtual format allowing users to be almost anywhere and still participate in an event or gathering. 

You can also combine the virtual photo booth experience with a physical, on-site photo booth when you have participants who work remotely or cannot be at the physical location of an event.

There’s almost no limit the experiences you can create with a virtual photo booth and it can be used for a variety of occasions, including corporate events, Mitzvahs, parties, Weddings, graduations, proms and more.

TicToc Photo Booth Experience

Yes, we did spell it incorrectly, and for a reason.   

A TicToc photo booth experience is a creative setup inspired by the popular social media platform, designed to capture fun and shareable videos or photos. These booths often incorporate elements that mimic the aesthetics or features commonly found in the platform’s videos, encouraging users to create engaging content that aligns with the platform’s trends and style. 

Customizable options for the TicToc experience include backdrops, props, music, sound effects, and more. 

Spot My Photos

Spot My Photos by FX Photo Booths is our licensed software we use and is a great solution for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, galas, and any other social gathering.

For your next special occasion, stand out and get a greater return on your photos with our new interactive photography service.

We are all familiar with having to wait days to have event photos delivered.  Rather than having to search to find your photos, how refreshing to have your photos find you?  

Our photography system enables guests to receive their photos directly to their phones.  Instantly and safely.  

The process is as simple as Shoot. Spot. Share.  Photos can be either branded or unbranded depending on your goals and objectives.

Here’s how it works.  Our photographer will shoot photos just like any other professional photographer.  They can be roaming or stationary.  Immediately after taking a photo, guests give their photo number or email, one time.  They can then receive every photo they are spotted in that is taken by any of our photographers.

There is no need to continually give an Email or cell phone number for each photo.  Photos stream directly and privately to galleries on guest phones.  Your guests can share on their own terms.  Easily downloading and sharing on social media, or instantly printing on site.  Galleries and the photos themselves are uniquely branded for your event.  As the photos are shared, your branding goes along for the ride.

Our solution gives you the benefit of a roaming photographer and a photo booth, all-in-one.  

Take your event to the next level and wow your attendees with a more memorable experience!  

Coming Soon!

Video / Confessional Photo Booth Experience

A video confessional photo booth combines the concept of a traditional photo booth with the ability to record video messages, typically in a private setting.  The video confessional photo booth offers a unique way to capture genuine moments and sentiments at a variety of events and or occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and more.  Like an audio guestbook, the confessional photo booth experience adds a personal touch and creates lasting memories for participants.

And More!!!

Why Choose FX Photo Booths for your next event?

We take pride in offering cutting-edge photo booth technology and a seamless experience for your guests.  Our photo booths are equipped with state-of-the-art features, ensuring high-quality prints, video output and instant sharing capabilities. 

Here are a couple of reasons FX Photo Booths stands out in a crowded field:

 Variety of Booths: Choose from a diverse selection of booths to suit your event theme and space requirements. Whether it’s our sleek and modern enclosed booths or our open-air options for larger groups, we have the perfect booth for every occasion.

 Customization Options: we tailor your photo booth experience(s) to match your event’s theme and aesthetics. From personalized backdrops and themed props to custom photo overlays and branding, we offer a range of customization options to make the photo booth experience uniquely yours.

Social Sharing Capabilities: share the fun instantly! Our photo booths are equipped with social media sharing features, allowing guests to share their photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, creating a buzz around your event, as it happens.

High-Quality Output: We understand the importance of lasting memories. Our photo booths produce high-quality prints that serve as cherished keepsakes for your guests.

We look forward to hearing from you!