New Premium Glam Photo Booth Service

New Premium Glam Photo Booth Service

We have all seen how Kim Kardashian looks oh-so-stunning in her photo booth pictures. Her skin screams perfection, and the clean white backdrop speaks of sophistication. Great lighting, excellent equipment, a skilled crew, and of course, her beauty is the secret to producing the most awe-inspiring photographs. Also, pro-grade skin smoothing filters create magic to enhance just any picture. But the scenario is now changing. If you too desire to get celeb-quality pictures, a glam photo booth may be the answer.

Services available at a price tag only celebrities could afford are getting open for people like you and us. So, step up your events with the all-new premium, Kardashian-style glam photo booth services. Sassy and stylish Kim K-like photos aren’t a distant reality anymore. Embrace the magic yourself.

Experience Glamor First Hand

A glam photo booth is the ultimate Kardashian-style photography experience every party needs. It is the perfect addition to your events if you wish to sprinkle some Hollywood magic. Skin smoothing filters bring out an angelic glow in every picture. The photo booth will certainly keep your guests talking about it for weeks together.

So, whether it is a wedding, birthday, holiday party, corporate gathering, or quinceanera, a glam photo booth can breathe life into every event. You can flaunt your pro-quality photos and gain the celebrity experience. Rent one for your upcoming occasion, and give the traditional photo booth a much-needed twist.

How Does The Kardashian-Style Glam Photo Booth Work?

Your chosen service provider sets up a kiosk with a premium backdrop on a flat surface. It also requires a power outlet along with an unobstructed pathway. What you and your guests have to do is step inside the photo booth, and the glam fun begins. Pose your best, and the final pictures are processed with studio-quality Hollywood-style skin smoothing filters. With just a click of a button, you can download the images or opt to receive a digital copy.

Make Your Guests Feel like a Superstar

Give the regular photos a wow factor. Make your guests feel like a superstar. Don’t settle for the standard when you can customize the photography experience and witness the best. Glam photo booths are carefully positioned to fit around 5 to 10 guests at once, depending on the equipment you rent. The participants can choose between color and black and white options. Within minutes, your guests can have studio-quality prints they can feel proud of.

Introducing Our Premium Glam Booth Services

If you are looking to spice up your event photos, let’s start planning right away. At FX Photo Booths, our premium, Kardashian-style glam photo booth boasts industry-standard, hi-res equipment that uses sophisticated software. We provide an extensive line of best-in-class photo booth rentals throughout central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Hershey, Harrisburg, York, Carlise and everywhere in between.


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