Is there value of attending Wedding Expos and Venue Open Houses?

Is there value of attending Wedding Expos and Venue Open Houses?

If you are a bride-to-be, or engaged couple, you have been bombarded with invitations to attend wedding expos and open houses. While it may seem like just another added expense and time commitment on top of the already overwhelming planning process, attending these events can be incredibly valuable.

First, wedding expos and open houses provide an opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of wedding vendors in one place. Rather than spending hours researching and reaching out to individual vendors, you can quickly get a feel for their work and personalities and determine who might be the best fit for your big day. Plus, many vendors offer discounts or special packages exclusively to brides who meet them at these events, so you could potentially save money by booking on the spot.

Wedding expos and open houses also allow you to see a wide range of options and get inspiration for your wedding. You might discover a new venue, catering company, or wedding trend that you had not previously considered. These events often have demos, samples, and displays that give you a better idea of what to expect on your big day.

Another benefit of attending wedding expos and open houses is the opportunity to network with other brides and wedding professionals. You can ask for advice, share tips, and make connections that could be helpful during the planning process. These events often have panel discussions or seminars led by industry experts, where you can learn about the latest trends and get valuable insights.

Of course, attending wedding expos and open houses does take time and effort, but the benefits can be well worth it. Before you decide whether to attend, consider the specific vendors you are interested in working with and the types of services and products you are looking for. If you think the event will have a good mix of what you need, it is worth considering.

One way to maximize the value of attending a wedding expo or open house is to come prepared with a list of questions and a budget in mind. You will want to know what services and products each vendor offers, their prices, and any exclusive deals or packages they may have available. You should also bring along any wedding inspiration or ideas you have, so you can discuss them with vendors and get feedback.

Overall, attending wedding expos and open houses can be a valuable resource for brides-to-be and engaged couples. Not only do they provide an opportunity to connect with vendors and get inspiration, but they also offer a chance to network with other brides and learn from industry experts. So do not dismiss these events out of hand – they could end up being a valuable part of your wedding planning journey.

If you are in or plan to be the Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey, York, and Gettysburg areas this winter, we have provided a list of wedding shows and expos to explore:

1/15/23 – The Melhorn Manor Bridal Open House

1/22/23 – The Manor at Mountainview

1/29/23 – Gettysburg Times Wedding Show

3/4/23 – Star Barn Bridal Open House


Central PA Wedding Shows

2/19/23 – Ballroom on Broadway (Hanover)

2/26/23 – The Carlisle Ribbon Mill (Carlisle)

3/12/23 – The Englewood (Harrisburg /Hershey)

3/19/23 – The Yorketowne Hotel (York)

3/26/23- Historic Round Barn (Gettysburg / Biglerville)

FX Photo Booths will proudly be exhibiting at all the shows referenced above with a variety of photo booth experiences to try, including:

  • Traditional Open Air Photo Booths
  • Magic Mirror Photo Booths
  • Digital Photo Booths
  • Vintage VW Bus photo booths

Along with the opportunity to meet and engage with a variety of other vendors, you can win prizes and giveaways toward participating vendors at each of these shows. We hope to see you there!


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