How to Make Your Wedding Reception a Huge Success

As a host, your wedding ceremony carries great sentimental value. After all, it is here that you’re going to be pronounced as husband and wife. With that being said, wedding receptions are equally as important. This is where your guests are treated like royalty, an ambiance exploding with an abundance of fun, food, drinks and laughter.

From fascinating photo booths and flavorsome tastings to innovative dance moves galore, we’re listing out the hottest tips on how you can make your post-wedding soiree a huge success for everyone to cherish. Let’s take a look.



Thoughtful seating arrangements

Weddings can turn out to be fabulous social affairs, especially if you’ve been seated at the right table with the right kind of company. We’re talking about putting guests with those who they know well and can easily get along with.

While making new friends and chatting with strangers can be fun, not everyone is open to it. Well planned seating charts can go a long way, allowing old pals to catch up on some long lost memories. And guess what, you’re indirectly credited for doing so.


Photo Booth rentals are putting mainstream selfies to rest

Whoever has created this invention has to be a genius. Renting out photo booths for your wedding reception is a wonderful way to allow guests to have some fun while clicking away stylish and creative poses. While selfies at weddings have become mainstream, FX photo booths add a breath of fresh air to taking endless pictures with those most nearest and dearest to you.


Shake things up with your first dance

Although a classic waltz being performed by a bride and groom as their first dance can be enticing for some, for many it’s plain and boring. Why not take things to the next level by shaking out some spectacular dance moves that will leave guests stunned in awe. We’re talking a slow dance followed up by a sexy Latino beat and some oh so flattering dance moves.


Get a DJ that understands what you want

Contrary to what many people may believe, the right kind of music can really set the perfect tone for your wedding night’s reception. Hiring a DJ that really understands you and your interests in music can ultimately determine how long your guests stay on the dance floor.


Tasting stations are giving traditional drinks a creative flair

A good set of drinks is sometimes all you need to get your wedding reception up and running. And although traditional booze offerings are wonderful, it wouldn’t hurt to go out of the box with tasting stations for guests to enjoy.

We’re talking whiskey, beer or wine tastings that allows your guests to sample out a few different flavors as a means of an interactive drinking experience. And if you’re not keen on booze, why not offer the same sampling for custom made margaritas or a station for hand-rolled cigars. How innovative is that?


Treat guests to a memorable culinary experience

Fancy scallops and tuna may seem like a good idea in terms of presentation but if that’s not who you are, then why choose a not so tempting menu at your own reception?


If you were a wedding guest, ask yourself what food would you simply devour and go on from there. Spaghetti Bolognese, steak or tacos anyone? Whatever your preference may be, get your caterer on board with your taste buds and allow them to think of how they can serve up to the masses. And just in case sit down dinners aren’t your thing, why not munch on scrumptious hors d’oeuvres alongside satisfying cocktail drinks all night long.