What to look for when you hire a photo booth for your next event or party
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What to look for when you hire a photo booth for your next event or party

Photo Booths have been exploding in popularity for a number of years as a great way to provide entertainment for guests while creating fun memories.  When people ask us about our business, I occasionally joke that the only type of event we have not provided a photo booth for has been a funeral or memorial service.

Weddings, company holiday parties, trade shows, store openings, Sweet 16’s, Mitzvah’s, Anniversaries, fundraisers, birthdays, proms, family and class reunions, baby showers, and more.  You name it, we’ve likely provided one of our photo booth rentals for that type of event over the past three years.

With so many events conducive for photo booth services, what should a prospective customer look for when they look to hire a photo booth?

Based on our knowledge of the business and frequent interaction with customers, guests, venues and other vendors providing service and entertainment for Weddings and other special events, the following are some tips when researching photo booth service options.

Solid, Proven Reputation

Short of a direct photo booth referral from a friend or relative, potential photo booth customers should look for reviews from past customers as an indication of a solid photo booth provider.  There are a number of great aggregators for reviews, including Google, Yelp, WeddingWire / Event Wire and the Knot, as examples.  The more reviews, the better.  Reviews are a good indication the photo booth business has been around for some time and are proven to provide excellent quality and service.  Furthermore, advertising on sites like WeddingWire or the Knot are good indicators the business’ willingness to invest in itself by advertising with top, reputable brands.

We have had clients in the past needing a photo booth at the last minute because the photo booth they originally booked “disappeared” or cancelled the booking at the last moment due to a “scheduling conflict.”  Worse yet, the company they booked, ceased operating.  Due diligence is important.  Check for online reviews and industry Awards.  Check with event planners, coordinators, and venue.   It won’t hurt to ask around.

One more thing on reviews.  Knowing how busy everyone in our modern society is today, one thing is certain.  Everyone is busy in today’s modern world.  Unfortunately, once “out of sight, out of mind,” right?   If a photo booth provider has a good quantity of reviews and of high regards, be certain the photo booth provider has left a positive impression on the client and their guests.  Taking the time post-event to post and write reviews is a good indication of a memorable service.

Dedicated Photo Booth Service or a Multi-Op

What is a “Multi-Op?”  Simply, a business that operates multiple lines.  For an example, a DJ that provides photo booth rentals and lighting, photography, amusements, games, etc., etc.  You will often get a “package price” for booking multiple items which may seem like a good deal, especially, if it comes down to a single point of contact or contract.  Sound good but we all know the phrase, “Jack-of-All Trades, master of none.”  The point is here you may get a number of things all in one place, but the All-Around quality may not be the highest.

If you are considering a photo booth, focus on quality.   Quality presentation, equipment, props, service, etc. Quality comes from a focus on a particular function.  We’ll discuss this further in another blog article to illustrate the importance of quality.

Beware of DJ’s or photographers that will “throw in” a photo booth. These companies do not specialize in photo booths and are not doing you any favors. Also beware of florists that will “throw in” a DJ or photographer. You get the idea.

Not all photo booths are created equal

Some companies don’t tend to show good quality videos of their photo booths online. You should ask why and ask for pictures of the photo booth you are getting.  You don’t want to find out on the day of your event the photo booth you thought you were hiring turned out to be a camera on a tripod with a foot clicker and a laptop with a printer sitting on a table.  We’ve seen it, unfortunately.

Search the company’s social media for photos of their equipment in action.  Instagram is a good place, as well as Facebook.  Look for pictures of their actual photo booth and equipment?  Look for setup pictures that included the types of props you will get with your booth.

We offer two types of photo booth systems.  The traditional, nostalgic, enclosed photo booth which comfortably holds 6-8 average adults (we’ve had 16 in it!)  This booth has some modular features which allow us to use it as an “open” booth, as well.  We also employ a distinctly open photo booth concept.

Remember, you and your guests will see, use and remember the photo booth for years to come.  Make sure your memories of the photo booth experience (including the photo quality, the booth quality, the customizations, and the attendants) are all good ones. Does the booth look and function as good in person as it does on paper? Is it manufactured of professional and high quality materials?  Will it complement your event or stick out like a sore thumb?

Think about the kind of photo booth you want to hire.  Do you want an open concept with a nice backdrop or do you want an enclosed concept photo booth?  It may depend on your event type or the guests you expect to be at the event.  Are your guests shy?  Maybe you would prefer an enclosed photo booth which provides them with an element of privacy when they are taking their photos.

What are you getting with your photo booth rental?

A solid, proven reputation is important when you hire a photo booth.  A dedicated, focused photo booth company will also get you better quality and results.  They type of photo booth also will have also leave an impression on both you and your guests.

What are some other things to consider when you look to hire a photo booth for your next event?


  • Are props included or is there an additional cost?
  • What kind of backdrops are available?
  • Are the photo strips theme matching and oriented or are they the traditional, old-school black and white photo strips?
  • How many prints do you get per photo booth session? Is it one for each guest?
  • Very important – does your photo booth provider have back-up systems in the event of hardware issues (i.e. the shutter on the camera goes bad). Can they keep the show going?
  • What other features are included in the photo booth rental? Is there a digital gallery for the guest to review their photos later?
  • Can the photos be texted or Emailed to the guests as well as printing?
  • Will the company provide professional attendants to run and maintain the equipment?
  • What is included in the price of the photo booth service?


These are just some questions to ask when you look to hire a photo booth and ones frequently asked of us when we speak to prospective clients.  Keep in mind, price is relative to quality when hiring any professional, including photo booth service.  The old-adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to any product or service.


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