There are corporate events that take place around the country all year long. Whether holding a corporate holiday party, workshop, training, conference, client appreciation day, or company picnic, there are some good reasons to consider renting a photo booth.

Renting a photo booth for corporate events is becoming increasingly popular as more business owners and managers learn of the benefits of creating brand exposure and awareness.

Here are 5 reasons to rent a photo booth for your next corporate event:

Branding - By renting a photo booth, you can help with your branding efforts. Your company name and/or logo and corporate event info can be put on the photo strip that people take home with them. That puts your company name right in their hands without blatantly doing so.​

Socialization - Corporate events can tend to be a little stiff at times, but when you add in a photo booth people tend to loosen up. Your corporate event is likely to be more enjoyable if people are feeling relaxed and ready to interact with others.

Memories - Photo booths create memories no matter what type of event they have been rented. Chances are you are putting a lot of time, effort and money into having the event, so renting a photo booth will help make it more memorable.

Keepsake - Forget the take-home keepsakes that everyone throws in the trash. or stuffs in a drawer. Most of those things go unused. But when you rent a photo booth you can send people home with a photo strip as the keepsake from the event. They are not likely to throw that away. In fact, they may even post it online and or share they photos with others.

ROI - When you look at the return on investment for renting a photo booth for your corporate event versus getting take home items like pens and golf balls, it is easy to see that the ROI for photo strip keepsakes is going to be better. Give people something they will enjoy, share and save.

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