Getting Wedding Ready: Skin & Hair Prepping Tips for Brides & Bridesmaids

Getting Wedding Ready: Skin & Hair Prepping Tips for Brides & Bridesmaids

The wedding day is most special for any bride and her besties. But to embrace that joy and newer beginnings, you must also look and feel your best. Prepping for the wedding day requires a keen eye. And it isn’t all fun and games when it comes to the real thing. So, here are some tips to help you babes fulfill your vision of being beautiful brides ever. And don’t forget to take your squad along.

They’ve always had your back. Make sure you’re paying them back emotionally and on the beauty front.

Skin Care

Skin care is a long, long journey. You need to be patient and invest some effort for any routine to come good. Brides must particularly create a skincare plan from scratch well before the wedding day. If you’re short on time, go the safe and chemical-free way. You’d want to avoid last-minute surprises at all costs. So, begin now and get a glam glow that’ll leave the wedding guests in awe.

Getting Started With Your Skin Care Regime

Now that you’re all excited to pamper your skin, the question is, who you should trust it with. Not every professional understands what it takes to get brides and bridesmaids “wedding ready.”  So, you’d want to consider hiring the services of someone who knows current trends, is experienced in bridal care and can offer the best for your needs.

Bronzed Bunny is one such reputable business in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, recognized for its world-class skin care services.  Owned by Trish Layden, Bronze Bunny, offers innovative cosmetic solutions at multiple locations for their valued clients.  Bronzed Bunny is a new king of body spa – chic, elegant and where old Hollywood meets new! 

“At Bronzed Bunny, we pride ourselves on the experience.  We want every guest to feel like they are with their best babes,” according to Trish Layden, owner.  “All of BB services would be perfect prior to your wedding so you feel and look your absolute best!!”


Bronze Bunny Services include:

  • Sugaring hair removal
  • Airbrush spray tans
  • Brow shaping
  • Tint and brow lamination
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Lash lift and tint
  • Body scrubing
  • Bronzed Bunny sculpt and facial (Fat-Freezing body & facial sculpting)

So, pick up your phone and call 717-644-6092 to discuss their packages and pricing.

Bronzed Bunny has an extensive spray, sugar, body, and face menu. You’d be amazed at their level of expertise to help you look your absolute best.


Even better, Bronze Bunny will be opening a new location in downtown Hershey, PA in the very near future.  Look for updates in the coming weeks!


Taking a Step Ahead – Trying Injectables

Today, many brides and bridesmaids are trying fillers and Botox to flaunt that all-glam and refreshed look at different wedding events. Brides start visiting professionals as early as one year to draft a suitable plan and discuss how to achieve the desired results.

Giving yourself enough time helps you devise your budget right, explore newer treatment opportunities, form your expectations, and have the downtime to see how the procedures turn out. But since not all weddings have that kind of a timeline, six months is still a decent timeframe to find the aesthetician you feel comfortable with, work out the consultation, and begin the actual treatment.

Pink Aesthetics LLC is another local company owned by Trish Laydent performing safe and high-quality injectable services. They specialize in FDA- approved  Jeuveau , also called the New Botox or Newtox. These injectables contain the same active ingredients as Botox cosmetic injections but offer a more natural appeal at a slightly lower price. Also, only board-certified professionals perform your procedures for precision and safety. So, you can directly call on 717-512-8797 to book an appointment and get started.

If you would like to book and appointment with Pink Aesthetics, you can find their calendar here: 


Hair Removal

You know your body and skin the best. For this reason, you’d understand what works for you and what doesn’t. While hair removal may be a personal choice, many brides and bridesmaids go hair-free as it makes them feel more confident. If that’s what you prefer, stay regular with your hair removal regime. If you wish to try something different, give yourself at least six months to experiment and adjust to the routine.


Hair Care

Looking after your hair is as important as caring for your skin. You must put in extra effort to not only have a glowing complexion but flaunt your lustrous locks too. Having a regular routine for your hair can do wonders. In fact, you can time your nourishing and revitalizing hair treatments with your skin care regime to save time and never miss your bookings.


Hands, Feet, and Nails

Mani-Pedi packages are a great way to help you get clean, glowing, and supple hands, feet, and nails. Besides, you must always use good cleansers, scrubs, and moisturizers, probably all-natural ones. If you opt for chemical-heavy products, make sure you know what would work best for you. Even if you start three months prior, you should get great results.


Staying Active

You cannot neglect the importance of staying active all this while. The advice applies to both brides and bridesmaids. Not only do you keep in shape, but that vigor also radiates in your entire personality. But remember, the priority is to be fit and healthy. So you can hire a personal trainer, join the gym, start swimming, biking, or skipping, and plan a practical workout routine for yourself and your girls.

Mental Wellbeing

Although these tips are about maintaining your looks, it is equally important to stay sane from within. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but you must take the time out to relax and reset. How you feel from within reflects on the outside. So do something you love every day to help you restore your mental health.

To Conclude

The idea is to look your best on the wedding day. From perfecting the beauty regime to prioritizing your mental health, we hope these tips get you looking your best. In addition, sleep well, eat good, and stay hydrated.

Also, finalize your wedding dress well in advance to take some stress away from wedding planning. So, wait no more, and get going to get “wedding ready.”


To Learn more about our friends at Bronze Bunny & Pink Aesthetics, please see contact information below:


Bronze Bunny / PA

Address: 83 Erford Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Website link –

Instagram – @bronzedbunnypa

phone number – 717-644-6092


Pink Aesthetics, LLC

Trish Layden, RN – Nurse Injector – Specializing in Jeauveau (similar to Botox, but more natural looking)

Website link –

Instagram – @pinkaestheticsllc

phone number – 717-512-8797