Are all photo booths created equal? 


Are all photo booths created equal?  It’s a great question.  The simple answer……they are not all created equal.

Photo booths have become an ever-present and essential part of weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, school functions, corporate events and more (we even provided a photo booth for a memorial service – see our blog for the story).  Photo booths seem to be everywhere.  Events, the mall, an arcade, businesses.  Why?  People love taking pictures and making memories.

Photo booth rentals have become a great source of entertainment and memory making at a wide variety of events.  Corporations have event adopted their use for branding and promotional purposes.

Photo booths come in many shapes, sizes and forms.  The variety of photo booths has exploded in the last five-plus years with varying degrees of quality and experience. 

So, back to the question, are all photo booths created equal?

Quality and experience being key factors, this is where differentiation occurs.

Equipment and Hardware – using professional grade photography equipment (i.e. 18 Mega-Pixel DSLR Cameras and high speed, quality printers produce the best results from a digital and printing standpoint.  While I-phones and Androids have made taking photos easy and portable, they don’t lend to the highest quality results.

Design and flexibility– a quality photo booth should fit seamlessly into your event design and décor – compact and aesthetically appealing – including studio quality backdrops and customized designs to enhance and compliment your event.  A quality photo booth is flexible in terms of space and setup locations may allow for multiple experiences (i.e. both print & digital)

Experience – a quality photo booth is more than taking silly or glamorous photos.  It more than an activity, it is about creating a quality experience and opportunity for guests to interact and engage with one another.  Photo booths create an experiential element to events – fun, social, memorable.  One attendant for a 4-hour wedding service with 200 guests and scrapbook is not likely to lead to a great experience. 

Service – a quality photo booth is all about service – meeting the needs of the client in terms of quality equipment, flexibility, customization and designs and options but also creating an inviting, fun and engaging experience for the guests.  Right sizing the service to meet the needs of the event is an essential component to a successful event.

Peace-of-mind – a quality photo booth and company should inspire their clients with confidence, not only in their ability to meet the client’s expectations, but in their focus on creating a positive, memorable and fun experience for their guests. 

So, not all photo booths or photo booth companies are not all created equal.  It falls as much on the type of equipment as it does with the actual service.

Is a photo booth essential to your event?

If your photo booth rental offers high quality equipment, personalization, designs to match your décor and event, quality service and is focused on creating a great experience for your guests, it not essential, it’s a must.

Check out everything FX Photo Booths has to offer or give us a call.  We’d love to discuss how we can take your event to the next level and create memories you will love!